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What is writer's workshop?
A time set aside each day in which students write, revise and share their writing.
What is on-demand writing?
A type of writing assessment in which students are asked to write to a prompt without any preparation or assistance.
What is an exemplar?
An example of how writing at each level should look.
What is vertical planning?
Planning by looking back at previous standards and how they lead up to your grade's standards.
What is narrative writing?
The first type of writing most students will complete.
What is Anchor Standard 3?
The writing standard that applies to narrative writing.
What is feedback?
An important part of the writing process in which a teacher tells students what they need to work on.
What is a personal narrative?
A type of narrative in which a person writes about a personal experience in his or her life.
What is context?
An important part of developed writing that helps the reader understand why a piece was written.

Narrative Writing

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