Combining Forms The Brain Nerves Diseases/Disorders Abbreviations
What is move out from the center
What is cerebrum
The largest part of the brain
What is 12
The number of pairs of cranial nerves
What is Down Syndrome
Genetic defect with 3 of chromosome 21
What is electroencephalography
What is dura mater
What is meninges
The brain is surrounded by these.
What is peripheral
Spinal nerves are part of this system.
What is aphasia
Loss of ability to communicate
What is positron emission tomography
What is to move toward the center
What is frontal lobe.
The lobe that predicts events and benefits or consequences of actions.
What is afferent nerves.
Carries nerve impulses from the body to the spinal cord.
What is encephalitis
Inflamation and infection of the brain
What is lumbar puncture
What is body
What is occipital.
The lobe that analyzes sensory information about vision.
What is efferent nerves.
Carries nerve impulses from the spinal cord to th body.
What is Multiple Sclerosis
Progressive degenerative autoimmune disorder whereby the body makes antibodies against myelin
What is visual evoked potential
What is set or group
What is parietal.
The lobe that analyzes sensory information about touch.
What is sympathetic and parasympathetic
The two divisions the autonomic nervous system can be broken down into.
What is Parkinson's disease.
Degenerative disease due to an imbalane in the levels of dopamine and acetylcholine in the brain.
What is intracranial pressure
What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease. Motor nerves in the spinal cord progressively deteriorate--no cure


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