Age and Religion Living V.S Deceased Donor Organ Transplants
At what age do your parents or legal guardian not have to authorize the donation of your organs?
Kidney (2), lung (2), heart, intestine, liver, pancreas
Which organs can deceased donors donate?
False; while it may limit what you can donate, do not not become a donor because you think you cannot be one, leave it to the professionals.
True or False: If you have a medical problem you cannot be an organ donor?
No, the the oldest in the U.S was 92 years old
.Is there an age restriction to being a donor?
After they are declared brain dead
After what happens can organ donation begin to happen in a deceased person?
8 vital organs: 2 kidney, 2 lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas, intestines {each worth 25}
What are the vital organs you can donate
An organ donor card
Besides the red heart on a drivers license or learners permit indicating an organ donor, what can someone have indicating that they too are an organ donor
1 kidney, a lung, a portion of the liver, pancreas, the intestines
What can living donors can donate?
Blood type, body size, severity of patient's medical condition, distance between the donor's hospital and the patient's hospital, the patient's waiting time, whether the patient is available {50 points each}
What factors are considered when an organ is matched to a person?

Organ Donations

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