Warm-Up Endurance Speed Strength Flexibility
Between 10 and 20 minutes
How long should a warm-up last?
The capacity that allows us maintain physical exercise for a prolonged time and recover quickly after doing a physical activity.
What is endurance?
The ability to perform one or several movements at maximum intensity in the shortest time possible.
What is speed?
The body's ability to beat or overcome resistance using the tension produced in muscles by the contraction of muscle fibres.
What is strength?
The maximum possible range of a joint during a movement. It has a huge influence on the ability to correctly execute technical moves in any sport.
What is flexibility?

-The activity

-Personal level

-Time of day
What are two factors that must be considered in warm-up?
-Volume of the effort

-Intensity of the effort

What are 1 factor that determine the endurance?
Travel speed
What kind of speed is the ability to cover a distance in the shortest time possible?
Maximum strength
The ability to produce maximum muscle tension with a
muscle contraction, or the most strength a person is capable of producing, is what kind of strength?
Functional flexibility.
What type of flexibility is needed to complete a technical move (a certain degree
of flexibility to throw in handball)?
When you are going to do an activity that requires using the majority of your muscles.
When is a "general" warm-up required?
Aerobic stamina
5000 meters, 10000 meters or marathon in athletics. Cycling,...are examples of what type of endurance?

Hint: High volume of effort, low/moderate intensity
Reaction speed
The beginning of any race, or a goalie in a penalty shot, demonstrate what kind of speed?
Strength endurance.
Rowing and cycling in an uphill trial are examples of what kind of strength?
Residual flexibility.
What type of flexibility is needed to avoid
injuries when you have to do a move with a greater degree of mobility than you expected?
-Prepares the body to make an effort

-Improves Performance

-Helps prevent possible injuries
Why is it important to warm-up?
Anaerobic stamina
If not enough oxygen reaches the muscles to do the activity, the type of endurance is...
It is the ability to do a movement at the right speed to achieve optimum performance.
What is movement speed?
The ability to overcome a small or medium load at
maximum movement speed.
What is explosive strength?
It is the sum of both functional and residual flexibility.
What is absolute flexibility?
- Slow run

- Joint mobility exercises and dynamic stretching.

- General exercises to work all of your muscles.

- Specific exercises that depends on the activity that is going to follow.
What are 2 phases of a warm-up?
-Cross country skiing

-the marathon

-swimming competitions

Name 2 examples of aerobic sports
It is the times that passes from the appearance of a stimulus (visual, audio or touch) until the first movement a person does.
What is reaction speed?

What is an example of an maximum strength activity?
Joints, muscles and tendons
What parts of the body are directly involved in flexibility?

Physical Condition

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