Popcorn Shooting Sports Pioneer District Non-Rank Awards You want to pin me where?
What is Trails-End
This company supplies the popcorn sold by the Scouts.
What is Cub Scouts / Webelos
BB gun, Archery, and Slingshot shooting hosted at the District or Council level are the only approved programs for this level of Scouting.
Who is Izzy Morrish
This person serves as the District Commissioner
What is Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
This award, worn sewn on the right pocket flap, can be earned each year with different requirements based on rank, it encourages Scouts to be active outdoors.
What is Centered above the left pocket
Service Stars indicating the number of years someone has been a registered Scouter go here
What is 70.00%
This percentage of sales goes back to local Scouting
What is Catapults
This shooting sport is approved for Webelos at the Unit Level, with a Rangemaster present at all times
Who is Rebecca Carroll
This person serves as the Round Table Commissioner
What is Emergency Preparedness
This award, a pin worn on the left pocket flap, teaches Scouts to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies and be able to respond in time of crisis. There are different requirements for each rank
What is On the flap of the left pocket
The Cub Scout Attendance Award given to Cubs that miss no more than 2 den meetings and 1 Pack meeting in a year goes here
What is Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion, Popped Kettle Corn, and Dark and White Chocolate Drizzle
This is one of 5 new flavors offered by Trails-End this year
What is Air Soft
Though seeming innocent enough, this type of shooting activity is not approved for any level of Scouting.
Who is Andrew Tran
This person serves as the District Executive
This program, consisting of a temporary insignia patch and additional device pins, is designed to introduce and encourage further study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
What is on the Webelos colors hanging on the right sleeve
Webelos Activity Awards which are awarded upon the completion of the requirements for that award go here.
What is August 26th
Orders for your Pack's Show and Sell inventory are due on this date
Who is Greg Kirkham
To obtain BSA shooting sport training in our council you should contact this person.
What is www.pioneer-district.org
This website URL is home to loads of District specific information
What is Religious Emblems or Religious knot
This purple and silver award, worn above the left pocket, is designed to recognize youth and adults who demonstrate faith, observe the creeds or principles of the faith, and give service
What is No location on uniform, Varsity Letter on Vest or Jacket
Sports and Academic Pins awarded upon completion of the requirements for that award go here.
What is the beginning of Show and Sell
September 14th marks the beginning of what phase of popcorn sales
What is Summer Camp or other Council Camp
The BB gun and Archery academic belt loop and pin can only be earned at this event
Who is Doug Gibbs
This person serves as the District Committee Chairman
What is Conservation Good Turn Award
This award, consisting of a unit certificate and temporary insignia patches for the participating scouts, can be earned by Scout units who join with conservation or environmental organizations to carry out a conservation project in their communities.
What is on the flap of the right pocket
The Summer time Activity Award which is given out to Cubs that attend at least 3 Pack summer activities go here.

Pioneer District Cub Scout Roundtable - Double Jeopardy

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