Lead Singers Acronyms Mascots Politics Designers
Who is Jim Morrison
The Doors
What is Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation
Who are the Nittany Lions
Penn State
Who is Paul Ryan
He is the Speaker of the House
Who is Vera Wang
The designer of Ivanka Trump's wedding gown
Who is Freddie Mercury
What is Tri-County Area Federal Credit Union
Who are the Gators
University of Florida
Who is Neil Gorsuch
Trump's appointment to the Supreme Court
Who is Christian Louboutin
The designer of Red bottom shoes
Who is Beyonce
Destiny's Child
What is Federal Emergency Management Agency
Who are the Trojans
University of Southern California
Who is Kim Jung Un
The leader of North Korea
Who is Tommy Hilfiger
Famous red white and blue logo
Who is Stevie Nicks
Fleetwood Mac
What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Who are the Longhorns
The University of Texas
What is Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
The acronym ISIS
Who is Bob Mackie
Cher loved to wear his gowns
Who is Lionel Richie
The Commodores
What is Tri-County area Chamber of Commerce
who are the Golden Gophers
The University of Minnesota
What is a filibuster
Obstructing progress in a legislative assembly
What is Switzwerland?
It is where Rolex is made
Who is Robert DeNiro
Are you talking to me?

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