First Phase and the Enlightenment Seven Year's War and Government Phase Two
Which act forced colonists to have to pay for and take care of British soldiers in their homes?
The Quartering Act
What was the turning point of the year?
The Albany Plan of Union 1754 indicated that the colonies needed to merge their taxes and recruitment; this set a precedent for future federal governments although most colonies really didn’t like it
What are the Quebec Act and Coercive Acts
The two groups of acts that were passed under the Intolerable Acts?
What is the Stamp Act?
This act led to the formation of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty
How did the revolution spur from the Seven Year’s War?
The differing perspectives coming out of the war! Both sides thought they were the best and were not really open to compromising. Each saw the other as messing up their gains in North America.
What ways did the colonists rebel in the second period?
The Gaspee and the Boston Tea Party
How many crates of tea did the Bostonians dump into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party?
342 crates of tea
Which colony did not show up at the Congress and which political group was not represented?
Georgia, loyalists
What did the Port Act do?
It closed the port of Boston, stopping all trade, until the tea from the Boston Tea Party was paid for.
What are science and reasoning?
Two subjects that began to be more focused on during the rise of the Enlightenment
What did the First Continental Congress advocate for?
Endorsed Suffolk Resolves
Passed the Declaration and Resolves
Created the Continental Association (or just Association)
Declared if colonial rights were not recognized, delegates meet in May 1775
When were the Townshend Acts passed?
They were passed in 1767
Who was John Locke?
One person that helped spread the ideas of the Enlightenment
What were the positive aspects of the Articles of Confederation?
It created a precedent and won the war because it was simpler.
What happened during the Boston Massacre?
A couple colonists harassed some quartered British soldiers, so the soldiers opened fire against them.

Revolutionary War

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