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Lewis and Clark, Broadwater and Jefferson
Our vision is to be a leading child and family development center working with Head Start families and community partners in _______, ________, and __________ counties, to promote healthy life choices and develop skills necessary for academic and social success.
True or False: All children at Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc. Head Start have a right to be safe and protected from abuse.
Families should be an integral part of decision making regarding their child's educational goals and services through on-going communication at daily pickup and drop off and family/teacher ___________.
True or False. In a high-quality preschool classroom, children's play is supported by purposeful planning and meaningful adult interactions. Additionally, program staff models effective communication, strategies for self-regulation, respect for others, and problem-solving throughout the day.
True or False. All families, regardless of family structure--socioeconomic, racial, religious, cultural, gender, ability, or language--should be included in their children's educational experience.
(D) Behavior System Support Advisory
Each Head Start program must establish and maintain a formal structure for program governance that does NOT include a:
(A) Board
(B) Policy Council
(C) Parent Committee
(D) Behavior System Support Advisory
No medication, prescription or non-prescription, shall be administered to a child without the __________consent of the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) with the exception of certain medical emergencies when specific instructions to administer medications are given by a medical practitioner, emergency services provider, or a 911 responder.
Which of these is NOT a form of assessment used to assess Early Learning and Development used at Rocky Head Start for EVERY child?
A) Growth, Hearing and Vision Screening
B) Daily Observation
C) Teaching Strategies Gold
High Quality Environments
Nurturing & Responsive Relationships
The Pyramid Model is an evidence-based framework for early childhood multitiered positive behavior support which promotes young children's healthy social and emotional development. Tier I describes two categories of universal promotion provided for all children. What are they?
If the parent/guardian is unable to be contacted, and there are _____ consecutive unexplained absences Rocky Head Start staff will make a home visit to ensure the child’s and family’s well-being.
Professional Development
Program leadership is responsible for providing ____________ ___________ for staff which is informed by data, supports needs, and aligns with the goals and expectations of the program.
If the child is unresponsive and/or NOT breathing you, or a bystander you ask, should call ______.
Teaching practices must include all of the following except:
(A) Emphasize nurturing and responsive practices, interactions, and environments that foster trust and emotional security
(B) Be communication and language rich
(C) Promote critical thinking and problem-solving
(D) Support all children’s engagement in learning experiences and activities
(E) Ensure that children meet kindergarten academic requirements prior to exiting the program
Adverse Childhood Experiences
What does ACES stand for?
All of the above
A program must offer individualized family partnership services that:
(A) Collaborate with families to identify interests, needs, and aspirations related to the family engagement outcomes
(B) Help families achieve identified individualized family engagement outcomes;
(C) Establish and implement a family partnership agreement process that is jointly developed and shared with parents in which staff and families to review individual progress, revise goals, evaluate and track whether identified needs and goals are met, and adjust strategies
(D) Assign staff and resources based on the urgency and intensity of identified family needs and goals.
(E) All of the above
This practice serves as a bridge between professional development and classroom practice. When leadership provides it, the likelihood of on-the-job application and implementation rises to 95%.
before and after eating; before participating in food; preparation activities ;after using the toilet;after touching bare human body parts other than clean hands and clean exposed portions of arms;
after using the toilet; after every diapering; after coughing, sneezing or using a handkerchief or disposable tissue; immediately before engaging in food preparation or before feeding any child; during food preparation as often as necessary to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross contamination when changing tasks; after engaging in other activities that contaminate the hands; prior to putting on food service gloves
List 4 of the 11 times listed on the Universal Precautions policy that caregivers must insure that each child washes his/her hands.
Blocks;Dramatic Play;Toys and Games; Art ;Library
Discovery; Sand and Water; Music and Movement
Cooking ;Technology;Outdoors.
Name 5 of the 11 interest areas of Creative Curriculum.
Program staff will use _________ methods of child guidance and will not engage in corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, labeling, shaming, frightening, threatening, or humiliation. I will not employ methods of discipline that involve isolation, the use of food as punishment or reward, or the denial of basic needs.
Home Visiting
Through the high-impact practice of ____ ________, the most important people in a child's life come together outside of school to form relationships, share dreams, and support one another as partners.
supportive and safe
Our mission is…..
To be a _________ and ________learning environment for children and families by enhancing their sense of belonging and self-worth while encouraging them to reach their highest potential.
Parent/guardian requests in writing that the program release information
Any and all information regarding known or suspected child or elder abuse or neglect
Court order assigning Guardian Ad Litem and/or CASA Volunteer
Family member threatens to hurt self or others
Court orders disclosure via subpoena
All other disclosures as required by law
Name 3 of the 6 exceptions to maintaining confidentiality
Emotional Support
Classroom Organization
Instructional Support
CLASS is an observation instrument which assesses the quality of interactions in a preschool classroom. Name the 3 domains CLASS scores.
When a child exhibits or engages in challenging behaviors that cannot easily be resolved, staff will engage the ________ in a spirit of collaboration regarding how the child’s behaviors may be best handled, including appropriate solutions that have worked at home or in other settings.
Whose job is it to involve families in the program.

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