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What is a soda can?
What is an analogy to anger in terms of behavior?
What are their two sons?
Who did Madhvacharya's parents lose at an early age?
What is frustration, sadness,anger, irritability?
What are some common feelings that one has when they are mad?
What is stop and think about it?
What do you not do often when you are mad?
What is Stop, Think, Act Right?
What does the STAR acronym stand for?
What is Lord Vishnu?
Who did Madhvacharya pray to with great devotion at the Lord Ananteśvara temple?
What is because the bird was only trying to protect him and he killed the bird in his anger?
Why was Genghis Khan regretful after he killed the bird?
What is to better understand the situation?
Why should we stop and think when we are mad?
What is a choice of behavior?
What do we have control of in every situation?
What are tamarind seeds?
When a moneylender came to Madhvacharya's house, what did Saint Madhvacharya give to him that miraculously turned into gold coins?
What is: Anger is not going to get you in trouble, it is the way you behave when you are angry that will get you in trouble?
Read the following quote and explain what it means: “You will not be punished for your anger , you will be punished by your anger” -Buddha
What is: It is talking about how we should not be quick to judge instead we should stop and think about the situation. This correlated to anger as it shows how when we are angry we are quick to act but if we take a moment or two to think then we can see that there is nothing that should make us mad. Instead we see the good that comes from the situation.
What is the following quote talk about. How does it correlate to anger?
“They look at her and walk away
From her wrinkles they hide
They only see her aging face
They miss the beauty that lies inside
If they stopped to listen
For a moment or two
They would see the love she gives
And her wisdom is true”
What is because we are angry?
Why is our mind agitated at times?
What are sports?
What activities did Madhvacharya excel at?
What is your actions can hurt them?
How does anger hurt the people around you? Give an example where anger hurt a person around you.
What is E?
What feelings occur when are mad?
B. Extremely happy
C.Calm, collected and relaxed
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
What is the true meaning of the scriptures?
What did Madhvacharya want to study?
What is: Count from one to ten and cool your temper down say what you want to say in slow motion?
What is a good trick to use when you are mad?

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