General Stats Mental Health Covid-19
What is a. 8
8 to 10-year olds spend on average __ hours a day engaged in various forms of media.

a. 8
b. 11
c. 6
d. 15
What are depression, anxiety, etc.?
At least one mental health issue linked to too much screen time
What is blue light?
Light that our electronic devices emit
What is d. 71
__% of kids have a television in their room.

a. 46
b. 23
c. 65
d. 71
What is a. girls?
Screen times longer than two hours statistically affect ___ mental health more negatively.

a. girls
b. boys
c. no specific gender
What is c. 58?
__% of students in America are doing school entirely from a screen at home.

a. 92
b. 67
c. 58
d. 75
What is b. 58
People on average check their phone __ times a day.

a. 32
b. 58
c. 67
d. 41
What are prisoners?
Other than toddlers, ___ spend more time outside than teenagers do.

*HINT: This was implied when Martin came to the Scranton Branch in the show The Office*
What is 13?
Because of the pandemic, __ hours is the average amount of time an adult in the US spends on the screen nowadays.

*HINT: somewhere ranging from 10-20 hours*


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