Part 1, The Church and Salvation Part 2, The Church and the World Other Information Elements of Evangelization Inculturation
What is D, 4 marks?
The Catholic Church is the only Church with the fullness of all ________ marks.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
What is C, modern world?
The Catholic Church has a responsibility to be active in the ___________.
A. Gossip
B. News
C. Modern world
D. Sacraments
What is A, religious freedom and local culture?
Christians should respect _______.
A. Religious freedom and local culture
B. No one
C. Antichrist
D. Sins
What is B, scared?
Christians should never be __________ of proclaiming the truth of Christianity
A. Proud
B. Scared
C. Boastful
D. Brave
What is B, culture?
Inculturation involves a respectful encounter between the Christian faithful and a particular ________.
A. Class of people
B. Culture
C. Unfaithful person
D. Age group
What is B, Baptism?
Jesus spoke the necessity of joining the Church through __________.
A. Sacrifice
B. Baptism
C. Birth
D. Force
What is A, technologies?
The Church must take advantage of the latest ________.
A. Technologies
B. Songs
C. Trends
D. Challenges
What is C, everyone?
The Gospel message applies to __________.
A. Animals
B. Plants
C. Everyone
D. No one
What is B, willingness?
Christians have to have a _________________ to use the latest technologies in proclaiming the Gospel.
A. Stubborn attitude
B. Willingness
C. Permit
D. Lot of money
What is C, Church?
The process takes the cultural values and integrates them into the life of the __________.
A. Sacraments
B. Latest technologies
C. Church
D. Apostles
What is C, Christ?
Grace outside the Church still comes from _________.
A. Free will
B. The people
C. Christ
D. Saying prayers
What is B, conception?
The Church recognizes that life from ___________ to natural death is sacred
A. Birth
B. Conception
C. Baptism
D. Confirmation
What is A, issues each generation faces?
The Church must apply the Gospel message to the
A. Issues each generation faces
B. Political candidates
C. Political parties
D. Nothing
What is D, holiness
Christians should have a commitment to personal ____________.
A. Hygiene
B. Wealth
C. Status
D. Holiness
What is A, contexts?
The process proclaims the Gospel In different cultural __________.
A. Contexts
B. Religions
C. Sacraments
D. Faith
What is C, Pascal Mystery?
The work of Salvation by Jesus Christ through his Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension.
A. Liturgical Year
B. Dogma
C. Pascal Mystery
D. Church
What is A, Good News?
Everyone in the Church has a responsibility to share the ______ ________ of Jesus Christ.
A. Good News
B. Words
C. Messages
D. Prayers
What is B, cultures?
Interpreting the signs of the times in light of the Gospel brings the Church into dialogue with different ________.
A. Universes
B. Cultures
C. Groups
D. Worlds
What is A, ages?
Christians should reach out to people of all ______.
A. Ages
B. Only rich people
C. Only young people
D. Only faithful people
What is D, change the truths of the Gospel message?
A challenge of inculturation is to not _______________.
A. Annoy others
B. Hurt others
C. Betray others
D. Change the truths of the Gospel message
What is A, the Liturgical Year?
The annual cycle of religious feasts and seasons that form the context for the Church’s worship
1. Liturgical Year
2. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
3. Church
4. The Sacraments
What is C, candidates or parties?
The Church is careful to not advocate for specific political __________.
A. Candidates
B. Parties
C. Candidates or parties
D. Neither
What is D, lives?
God desires that we know him in all aspects of our _______.
A. Day
B. Faith
C. Religion
D. Lives
What is C, Church?
Evangelization is central to the mission of the _________.
A. School board
B. Bible
C. Church
What is A, inculturate?
The Church seeks to _____________ the Gospel message.
A. Inculturate
B. Change
C. Break
D. Fix

Section 3, The Church’s Salvation And Mission

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