HVAC Pergolas Tuff Shed Storm Shelter Shutters
How many points are checked during a tuneup?
Lawn Masters
Who is our Service Provider?
Darren Ogee
Who is our Tuff Shed Rep?
Who is our Service Provider?
Rockwood From Houston Texas!
Who is our Service Provider?
Who is our service provider?
Western Red Cedar
What specific material are the pergolas made from?
Better Floors, Better Doors, Better Walls!
What benefits do our sheds offer over our competitors? -- (Its a jingle)
The Geo-locator System is a system that calls the owner when a tornado is in the area of and if no one answers they reach out to the emergency contacts to make sure the people are safe.
What is the Geo-locator System?
$0! -- Free Consultation with a Designer
How much does a measure cost?
Two times a year. spring and fall.
How often should you get your Hvac serviced?
Yes! They offer DIY kits
If the customer wants to do it themselves is that an option?
500 Lbs Each!
How much weight can each hinge hold?
Anywhere their is a suitable slab.
Where can the storm cube be installed?
They bring value to your home
and lower the cost of your electricity use
What benefits do interior shutters offer?
At home with The Service Provider
What different ways can the customer apply for a Home Depot Card to finance their HVAC repairs/tuneups/installs?
Natural cedar
What Color stains can you get?
Kr600 wood foundation and 1 year warranty.
Sr600 Galvanized steel foundation and 5 year warranty.
what is the different between a Keystone Kr600 and a Sundance Sr600?
10-14 days!
What is the time frame from purchase to install?
Limited Lifetime Warranty
What kind of warranty comes with Rockwood Shutters?
What's the average hvac lead cost?
ogee, chamfer, bullnose, classic, cove, 3 step
How many different end cuts do you get to choose from?
Service Connect
What platforms can you sell tuff sheds from?
Removable stair treads, TV mount, Fan mount with fan and light, Locking bench
what are some of the extras that can be added to the in-garage shelter?
Wood and Vinyl
What Materials are they made out of?
Water Heater
What is the #1 service over sales plan (dollar wise)

Service Awareness Day

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