The States The New York City Seal
What is California?
I am a large western state. My western border is the Pacific Ocean. Gold was discovered here in 1848.
Who are the Dutch?
Windmills are used to represent these people who were the orginal founders of New York City.
What are Alaska and Hawaii?
We are the last two of the 50 states. One of us is the largest; the other one of the smallest.
What are barrels?
These objects represent trade; New York was founded as a trading post,
What is Virginia?
I extend further west than my neighbor to the south...which has "west" in its name but otherwise is identical to mine.
What is a bald eagle?
This bird, which replaced a crown, was added to the top of the seal after the American Revolution.
What is Delaware?
I was the first state to ratify the Constitution and I am know as "The First State".
What is a Native American?
Pictured alongside a European man, this figure is there to represent unity between the two groups.
What are North Dakota and South Dakota?
Two pairs of states have a "north" and a "south". We are the pair that is WEST of the Mississippi.
What is the beaver?
This animal,pictured on the seal of New York City, was the reason for the city's founding.

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