Equality Sustainability Design Thinking
What is Social
Of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society
What is 40%
Buildings use how much percent of all energy in America?
Who is Elise Roy
At 10 she was told she was going to lose her hearing, and lost it at age 15.
What is with
Instead of "designing for", we should actively strive to "design _____" ?
What is Sustainable Development
Is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
What is ADA
A civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life.
Where you live
What Urban Design-influenced factory may hold a significant impact on a citizen's life?
What is Sustainable Materials
________ consumer and industrial economy that can be produced in required volumes without depleting non-renewable resources and without disrupting the established steady-state equilibrium of the environment and key natural resource systems.
What is Gentrification
The process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.
What is discrimination by design
Some countries, including Norway, have made _________________ an enforceable legal standard.
What is The Triple Bottom Line
People, profit and plant are known as what?
What is Design Thinking
What are these 5 points?
1. Define the problem
2. Empathize
3. Ideation
4. Prototype and test
5. Sustainability
Who is Whitney Young
Who said "Just right you are most distinguished by your thunderous silence and your complete irrelevance"
Site selection
Indoor environmental quality
Energy Efficiency
Water use
Building space and material use
Life expectancy of the building
(Any 3 count)
List 3 factors to look for when designing sustainably?
What is
Equitable Use
Flexibility in Use
Simple and Intuitive
Perceptible Information
Tolerance for Error
Low Physical Effort
Size and Space for Approach and Use
(any 3 correct count)
What are 3 of the 7 principles of Universal Design?

Socially Responsible Design

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