What's New with SP7+ Speeds & Feeds An Inside Look
What is LTE Advanced.
What new option helps you automatically connect to mobile networks anywhere?
What is Fast Charging, from 5% to 80% in about an hour.
What charge time can you expect when connecting to your Surface Connect Port?
What is the Core i3 and Core i5.
Which SP7+ configurations are silent and fan-less?
What is the New Removeable SSD storage.
What new design allows you to retain and protect your sensitive information?
What is 3.2 Pixel Sense display.
What feature has become a hallmark for Surface Devices, having started with the Surface Pro line?
What is the full-sized USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 and a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2.
What two ports support data being transferred up to 10 GB per second?
What is the Intel 11th Gen Processor.
(up to 3.5X faster than Pro 2017 with LTE Advanced)
What has improved the SP7+ speed & performance to be twice as fast as its predecessor?
What is the option of 32 gigabytes of RAM.
What new option now available with SP7+ makes it 1st in Surface Pro history?
What is the Fanless Core i5.
(works with both eSIM & physical Nano SIM)
What configuration is the LTE Advanced Technology available in?
What is the e SIM profile in SP7+.
What feature unlocks access to more mobile operators and services in over 180 countries?
What is Surface Dock 2 supports two external displays with up to 4k resolution, at 60 hertz, working simultaneously with the display.
What is the maximum display experience you can have by connecting your SP7+ to a Surface Dock 2?
What is an increased battery size. (largest to date for SP line)
By reducing the thickness of the display, utilizing the same break thru technology as the SPX, what was able to happen?
What is 23% lighter packaging, using device folios made from 99% natural fiber-based material, also making device easier to distribute.
What new packaging standards have been implemented to work towards our sustainability commitments?
What is Microphone Array for accurate audio capture & Dolby Atmos which provides a rich sound reproduction.
What two features make SP7+ an ideal device for Video Calls?
What is Graphite Heat Spreading, Heat Pipes, Carbon Composite and Larger Vents.
What contributes to the New Thermal Design that is the most efficient and compact to date?

SP7+ Jeopardy

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