Professional Development Salon Ecology Anatomy Electricity Chemistry
What is cosmetology
Which of the following terms defines the art and science of beauty care?
What is sanitation, disinfection and sterilization.
What are the three categories infection control is divided into?
What is the frontal bone
The bone that extends from the top of the eyes to the top of the head and forms the forehead is called the:
What is fluorescent light
Which type of light can create blue or cool tones?
What is False
T/F: When processing lotion is applied to a perm disulfide bonds are hardened into new position
What is personality
An outward reflection of your inner feelings, thoughts, attitudes and values defines your:
What is infection control
Sanitation is the lowest level of:
What is the left and right atriums
The upper chambers of the heart include the:
What is an electrode
A current conductor used to direct the current from the appliance to the client's skin is called a(n):
What is true
T/F: Surfactants contain a contains a lipophilic part and a hydrophilic part
What is a picture or stylebook.
Ann, a cosmetologist, is trying to communicate the hairstyle that would best suit a client. Which item would help Ann communicate the hairstyle to the client?
What is Good Samaritan Laws
What laws have most states enacted to encourage people to help others in emergency situations?
What is abductor hallucis
Which of the following muscles moves the big toe away from the other toes?
What is phoresis
The process of forcing an acid or alkali into the skin by applying current to the chemical is called:
What is lipophilic
The oil-loving part of a surface active agent is called:
What is tact
A communication skill to use in building an honest, professional relationship without offending the person is referred to as:
What is MSDS
If a victim appears to be having an allergic reaction, where could you locate information about product usage?
What is the humerus
Which of the following is the largest bone of the upper arm that extends from the elbow to the shoulder?
What is an Ohm
A unit of electrical resistance is called a(n):
What is shampooing
Cleaning the hair and scalp and removing all foreign matter without adversely affecting either the scalp or hair is called:
What is false
T/F: A satisfied client leads to added stress
What is applying a bandage
When performing first aid for bleeding wounds, what is the next step after bleeding stops?
What is the heart
Cardiac muscle is only found in which organ?
What is that the appliance has been certified to operate safely under the conditions specified
An Underwriters Laboratory (UL) designation indicates:
What is fatty alcohols
A conditioner ingredient that gives dry hair a smooth feel and makes hair easier to comb is:

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