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What are the types of statistical questions?
Statistical, non-statistical and neither type.
What is the measures of center?
The measures of center are mean, median and mode.
What is a statistical question?
Statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities.
What is the best measure of center if your data set is skewed left?
The best measure of center is median.
What is wrong with this question:Which dessert do you prefer?
1. will not have a proper conclusion 2.I use words instead of numbers doesn’t specify which desserts 4.I didn’t ask enough people for the sample size that the numbers would actually mean something
What are the types of data distribution?
The types of data distribution are symmetrical, skewed left, and skewed right.
What is the best measure of variation if the data set is skewed to the right?
The best measure of variation is the inter-quartile range because the best measure of center would be the median.

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