Phobia OCD PTSD GAD Panic
What is specific phobia?
A unrealistic fear of a specific object or situation that causes significant distress or hinders with daily function.
What is OCD?
Unwanted, persistent, intruding thoughts and impulses, as well as repetitive actions intended to surpresss them.
what experiences are associated with PTSD?
Actual or threatened death or injury, or a threat to one's physical safety.
What are Major characteristics of GAD
excessive worry and apprehension over many life circumstances.
List 3 symptoms of panic attack.
Difficult breathing, pounding heart, chest pain, trembling or shaking, Dizziness, sweating, nausea.
What are the 2 leading treatments for phobias?
Cognitive behavioral therapy, gradual exposure.
What is obsession?
An intrusive and recurrent thought idea or urge that seems begin the persons ability to control.
What type of treatment works the most effective for PTSD
CBT: exposure/ re-experience
present at least _ months and people find it difficult to _ the worry
6; control.
What are two main treatment for panic attack?
cognitive therapy, medication. ( or relaxation
What are three causes of phobias?
Direct exposure
Observing/ violent exposure
Being told about a specific danger
How is OCD treated?
Treated with exposure with response prevention.
Five core features of PTSD
Avoidance behavior; reexperiencing the trauma; impaired functioning; heightened arousal; emotional numbing
Which group(s) of people is(are) more likely to develop GAD?
Teens and mid-20s people. Women are twice more common to develop than man.
Everyone experiences panic stress and panic, in what level does it become a disorder?
When it affects your daily routine as a healthy individual, when it disrupts your normal life in any way.
What are 3 symptoms of phobias?
fear of losing control
fear of fainting
feelings of dread
fear of dying
What are the 2 catagories of compulsions?
Cleaning and checking rituals.
name three risk factors of PTSD
1. Age; 2. Social support; 3. Have a previous trauma.
What are the treatments for GAD? And which one is the best?
Psychiatric drugs, sertraline and paroxetine and CBT. Psychological treatment is better tolerated by patients, lower drop rates.
What's one biggest difference between panic attack and phobias?
The patients who diagnosed with panic attack have an urge to escape.
What are the 3 criteria for diagnosing phobias?
1 the fear or anxiety lasting for 3 months
2 the object or situation almost always provokes immediate fear or anxiety and is avoided
3 the fear is out of proportion
4 the fear is distressing
5 to other explanation than a phobia
From a perspective view what are compulsions and obsessions.
Obsessions are represented of leakage of unconscious impulses into consciousness.
Compulsions are acts that help keep those impulses at rest
A soldier returned from war previously enjoyed watching fireworks but now he has an intense psychological reaction to fireworks. Identify the classical conditioning in this case.
Loud crashing and noise in war= US; feeling of danger= UR, Fireworks=CS ; fear of fireworks= CR
Earl, a 52 year old supervisor at mobile plant, who diagnosed with GAD. He is successful at his job but not a star, he has a sexual relationship, but it's not exciting. In what perspective can you best analyze earl's occurrences of GAD?
Psychodynamic perspective, GAD represents the tgreatened leakage of unacceptable sexual or aggressive impulses or wishes into cosious awareness.
Not all panic attack will be diagnosed as panic disorder. List at least one feature of diagosetic panic disorder.
A. At least one month of persistent fear of subsequent attacks
B. Worry about the implications of consequences of attacks.
C. Significant change in behavior

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