Theme Characters Plot Setting Literary Devices
Justice, Lies and Deceit, Respect and Reputation and Justice.
What are four themes of The Crucible?
Abigail has the most power in the play. She got her power through pretending to be attacked by spirits.
Which character has the most power in the play?
Why do they have his much power?
Abigail's real intentions and/or John Proctors' inner struggle
Are there any subplots in the play?
What did the people of Salem believe in?
What is The Crucible an analogy of?
Elizabeth pointing out Abigail's accusation of her
Proctor reveals Abigail's true intentions.
Name two places where the theme of Jealousy is shown.
John Proctor is the protagonist and Abigail Williams is the aantagonist.
Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist in the play?
She took the sexual act with John as a promise of a future together and uses the witch trials to get rid of Elizabeth.
Why did Abigail start pretending to be attacked by spirits?
What is the name of their religion?
There are very little symbols in The Crucible. Although the whole play can be a symbol of the Red Scare
What symbols are in The Crucible?
Parris asking why the witchcraft had to happen in HIS house
Abigail steals Parris' money
Proctor appealing to the accused womens' outstanding reputation.
Name three places where the theme of Respect and Reputation is enforced
He dismisses all evidence unless a specific name was given.
How does Danforth handle new evidence?
Danforth reveals that Elizabeth is pregnant and will be kept alive until the baby is born
What is the bargain that Danforth tries to make with Proctor?
Reading books
Working on Sunday
skipping church
Name two activities that are banned in the town.
Collective thinking.
This type of thinking kept the trials going.
Lies and Deciet
Which theme do these quotes emphasize?
"Make your peace with it! Now Hell and Heaven grapple on our backs, and all our old pretense is ripped away—make your peace!"
"Children, a very augur bit will now be turned into your souls until your honesty is proved. Will either of you change your positions now, or do you force me to hard questioning?"
Mass hysteria
What form of collective thinking causes the town to go on a witch hunt?
The court seemed broken because of the way that evidence was collected and handled.
Why does the court seem broken by todays standards? Why was it acceptable then?
What state is the town of Salem in?
Abigail threatening to leave the court.
What is an example of the "Appeal to Force" fallacy?
Parris asks Danforth to postpone Proctors execution
Hale tells Elizabeth that God wont judge Proctor for his false accusation
Justice in the witchcraft trials meant confessing or dying
Reverend Hale realizes he may have signed the death warrants of 72 people and fears being judged by God
Name 4 places where the theme of Justice is explored
Appeal to Force
Which fallacies can be found in these arguments?
"If I must answer that, I will leave and I will not come back again!"
In the book the court takes on a stand of GUPI. This makes in almost impossible to defend yourself because once accused, you were already guilty and fighting the court only ended with death.
How does the idea of GUPI vs IUPG influence the outcome of the witch trials?
He wanted to alert the American people against government misinformation.
Why did Arthur Miller write The Crucible?
What literary device can be found in this quote?
"Do good and no harm shall come your way."

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