Religion and Anthropology Politics and Power The Global Economy Inequality Race and Racism
What is Christianity?
The religion practiced by Maisin people that John Barker went to Papua New Guinea to study.
What is neoliberalism?
An economic and political worldview, based on the economic principles of Adam Smith, that sees the free market as the main mechanism for ensuring economic growth, with a severely restricted role for government
What is an economy?
Coast Salish people have been ocean and river fishermen for thousands of years. Their salmon runs were abundant and what they did not consume they used for trade.
What is class?
A system of power based on wealth, income, and status that creates an unequal distribution of a society’s resources
What is race?
A flawed system of classification, with no biological basis, that uses superficial characteristics to divide humans into groups.
What is religion?
Includes beliefs, myths, rituals and symbols.
What is the modern state?
Growth of central administration that influences daily lives of citizens
Professional/standing military
judiciary, police
Identity as citizen is acquired through performance of allegiance
Shared symbols and mental maps of reality
What is horticulture?
Thousands of years ago, the Native peoples of the lower Great Lakes grew maize, beans and squash in small plots they dug by hand and rotated periodically so the land had a chance to fallow and restore its fertility.
What is an egalitarian society?
highly mobile, learn through example and oral tradition, small groups, everyone matters, limited number of possessions
What is the percentage that expresses how similar humans are to one another.
What is a ritual?
Dr. Sanchez is working in an indigenous community where she observes community members ringing bells, singing and dancing in a circle around a sick person who sits in a chair.
What are ways to challenge state authority?
Court cases, social movements and NGOs
What are the roots of today's global economy?
Long distance trade routes, colonialism and the enslavement of humans.
What is a ranked society?
Cahokia is an ancient Native American in East St. Louis, IL and a UNESCO World Heritage site that everyone should visit, especially since you all live so close [pause for Dr. Murray's dramatic eyeroll].
Archaeologists have found significant evidence that supports these were farming people. The mounds where leaders lived still exist.
What are lynchings.
The author and historian Isabel Wilkerson calls these ritualistic reminders of whose lives were valued and whose were not.
What is a rite of passage?
John and George are getting married today. As they stand before the minister and in front of their loved ones, they exchange rings and vows. Then the minister pronounces they are now spouses.
What is hegemony?
The ability of a dominant group to create consent and agreement within a population without the use or threat of force.
What is the Core/Periphery Division of the World?
States that dominate the world economic system foster exploitive relationships with less developed and less powerful nations.
What is a commodity chain?
A Japanese fisherman catches a tuna. Later that day, he sells his catch at a fish market in Tokyo. A Sushi chef in Brooklyn uses the Internet to buy a tuna, which is shipped to her on a cargo jet.
What is hypodescent or the 'one drop' rule?
The assignment of children of racially mixed unions to the subordinate group.
What is the magical law of contagion?
Irene is an elder in the Klallam Nation. Each morning, she cleans her hairbrush and burns the hair she removes in the fire so no one can take her hair and work a spell against her.
What is state power and inequality?
Lakota Indians in SD must share their sacred places with non-natives who sometimes desecrate them.
What is flexible accumulation?
Last week General Motors announced it was closing US factories, laying off American workers and moving production of new more competitive automobiles to Mexico, where labor costs are cheaper.
What are different categories of immigrants.
Labor, professional, entrepreneurial and refugees
What is white supremacy?
The belief that whites are biologically different from and superior to people of other races.

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