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Where does Odysseus live? Where is his homeland?
He is a messenger; tell Calypso to free Odysseus?
Who is Hermes and what is the message that he has to give Calypso?
She will never age, never get old and therefore remain beautiful
Why does Calypso believe Odysseus will chose her over Penelope?
Calypso the nymph
Who holds Odysseus captive for 7 years on the island of Ogygia?
Odysseus gets to Scheria with supplies provided by Calypso. He was also assisted by a mortal goddess, Ino.
How does Odysseus get to Scheria?
Poseidon by recking Odysseus' ship
Which of the gods makes trouble for Odysseus after he leaves Calypso and how?
What does Calypso offer Odysseus if he stays with her?
Odysseus was able to swim such a long distance thanks to Ino, a mortal goddess. She gave Odysseus her scarf that is intended to protect him along his journey.
How is Odysseus able to swim such a long-distance after his raft was destroyed?
He arrives beat up and battered. Poseidon put him through many hardships, but the reason why is still unknown in this Book.
In what condition does Odysseus arrive on the island of Phecicia, and why is it appropriate?
Male gods are allowed lovers and goddess are not
What is Calypso’s response to the command by Hermes to free Odysseus?
He must build a raft if he wants to leave Calypso's island.
Although Zeus has declared Odysseus must be allowed to go home in Book 5, he says Odysseus must build what to leave Calypso's island?
As explained in other questions, Ino is a mortal goddess who sees Odysseus after he is shipwrecked. She pities him and gives him a scarf to aid him on his journey to land.
Who is Ino and why and how does she help Odysseus?
Odysseus is a Greek hero, son of Laertes and Anticleia, husband of Penelope, and father of Telemachus. He wants to get over all his obstacles and go home to his land and family, although many of his actions contridict what he says he hopes to accomplish.
Who is Odysseus and what is his goal that he wants to accomplish?
By acknowledging that Calypso is more beautiful than Penelope and offering her compliments in order to increase his chances of leaving.
How does Odysseus show that he is clever when he evades Calypso's question?
Although Odysseus appears to be very grief-stricken, his actions reveal he is a very sly and cunning character. He acts in ways that contradict things he has said in the past, revealing how he is complex and difficult to understand.
How is Odysseus a complex character?

The Odyssey: Book Five

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