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Humanism beliefs Humanists education Beginnings and Ferdinand & Isabella
What is studia humanitais
the study of secular letters as opposed to theology or divine letters
What is ancient literature and history
heart of renaissance education
What is the Renaissance
A new intellectual movement. Began in the Italian city states and spread throughout Europe, was influenced by people like Petrarch & Boccacio.
Where is Florence
the humanism movement first became popular here
What is The Classics
_____ were taught to provide moral instruction and deep understanding of human behavior
What is the Iberian Peninsula
1400, no fewer than 5 kingdoms shared the peninsula. Many ethical, political, and religious differences within these kingdoms.
What is early humanistics
teachers of rhetoric or the editors of classical texts whose chief purpose was to study the classics and to apply ancient ideas and values to life in their own time
What is sports, dancing, ability to play musical instruments, and singing voice
minimum of 2 examples of social skills
What is the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella
This marriage ended the anarchy between Castile and Aragon and united them.
What is ancient sources
believed in argument based on the authority of _____
What is the teacher
______ was a moral example
What is the corregidores
The Cortes of Toledo approved of these men to protect the interests of the crown and oversee elections.
Who is Pico
believed “that human dignity derived largely from man’s central place in a divinely established universe”
Who is Quintilian and Cicero
Taught the art of persuasion through an exhaustive study of rhetoric based on the writings of _____ and ______
Spanish Inquisition
This group was also known as "The Church Court"

The Renaissance: Political Renewal and Intellectual State

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