Who? What? When? Where? Why?
What is Shah?
This is the title for all Kings, Emperors, or Lords of Iran/India.
What is Germany?
The country that the Shah was allied with during World War II.
What is 1919?
This was the year the Shah was born, it was October 26th of ____!
What is Iran?
In this country, The Shah reigned as King.
What is The United States?
This country assisted the Shah in gaining power.
Who is Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi?
The man who is the Shah, also known as the leader of Iran, led many wars with other countries.
What is oil?
The Shah was rich by selling this.
What is 1941?
This was the year the Shah over-threw his father as King of Iran.
What is Asia?
Iran is located in this continent.
What is the West?
This place made an alliance with the Shah, and they developed the White Revolution.
Who is Reza Shah?
The father of the Shah, who got over-thrown by the Shah in 1941.
Who is Mohammad Mosaddeq?
The Shah had many arguments for power with this person.
What is 1980?
In this year, the Shah passed away. It was July 27th, ____ in Cairo, Egypt.
What is Iraq?
This country borders Iran and has had many arguments with Iran.
What is White Revolution?
This program was developed by the West and Iran.
What are food shortages?
Besides political, economic, and religious issues, the reign of the Shah caused this.
What is The White Revolution?
This is the program that the Shah created to get along with the West.
What is 1967?
The year the Shah crowned himself Emperor of Iran, also know as the King of Kings.
What is Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Turkmenistan?
These 2 countries border Iran on the right.
What are air networks?
Besides expansion of railroads and assistance for industrial growth, White Revolution helped build these.
What are Reza and Shah?
These are the names that the Shah has in common with his father; Mohammad _______ _________ Pahlavi.
What is assassination?
These acts of violence were the number one reason the Shah almost died.
What is 1959-1980 or 21 years?
Daily Double! What was the Shah's spouse's life span?
What is Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, or Kuwait?
These 2 countries border Iran on the left.
What is The Iran Shah conflict.
Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi reigned during this conflict.

The Shah's Jeopardy

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