Communication Operations Time Space Curriculum
Who is the Admissions Director?
Often the “first” communicator, this person receives compliments on the friendliness, positive interactions and best practices observed.
What is MCPS?
Auburn eyes are smiling when this school district gets a snow day.
What is drop-off or pick-up?
During this time of day, you can catch a parent on the fly to share a positive anecdote.
What is Jill's office?
This space is often empty, but always available and sometimes you can find a "head" here.
What is FOSS?
This curriculum resource provides many experiential and experimental learning opportunities.
Who is the Office Manager?
Extra! Extra! Read all about it…this person is responsible for communicating the daily headlines.
What is the supply cabinet?
Paper, pens and paperclips oh my! If this becomes empty, it's Ms. E you must notify.
What is 8 am?
This is the time we must always arrive...so we are prepared for any little surprise.
What is Ms. E's office?
This is where we go when we need help with our computers, using Auburn forms and ordering supplies.
What is Great Books?
This curriculum resource focuses on shared inquiry, comprehension and conversation.
What is Facebook?
This form of pictorial communication allows us to document and share project-based learning, field experiences and friendships with the extended Auburn community.
What is the Z-drive?
This is where we store photos, curriculum maps, and administrative forms to be accessed by all.
What is professional development (Wednesday afternoons)?
This is the time that helps students progress, even though it is only teachers present.
What is the art and music room?
This new room inspires students to create and relate.
What is the transdisciplinary approach?
This curriculum development approach involves assessments, interventions, and evaluations to be carried out jointly by designated members of the team.
What is the Student Compass?
This form of communication “guides” the interdisciplinary team.
What is the Auburn dress code?
This policy ensures we "appear" professional with knee-length skirt requirements, shirts with sleeves and jeans only on Friday.
What is the speaker series?
This is the time to learn the how, why and what to do from professionals in the community.
What is the playground/outdoors?
The sky is the limits for learning and creativity in this space.
What are the common core standards?
These objectives provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn.
What is
Step 1: Thinking about others and what they are thinking about us
Step 2: Establishing a physical presence
Step 3: "Thinking with our eyes"
Step 4: Using language to relate to others
The four steps of communication as defined by the Social Thinking curriculum.
What is the medication policy?
This procedure requires confidentiality, privacy and daily record keeping.
What is 1440 hours?
The amount of hours spent with our Auburn family each year.
What are the bulletin boards?
These are living documents of the life of the school, and are so valuable to all of our visitors as they learn about The Auburn School, as well as a way to engender a sense of pride among the students and parents.
What is the UbD unit map?
This curriculum tool helps us thoughtfully plan for understanding, transfer, integration and a transdisciplinary approach.

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