Internal Functions of animals External functions and structures of animals Plant and Animal Responses to the Environment
What is four?
Mammal hearts usually has _______ chambers
What are exoskeletons?
Vertebrates have skeletons, most invertebrates have ____________________
What is an action or change that causes a certain reaction in an animal?
Define stimulus
What is the lungs?
The ____________ provide oxygen to the blood and take carbon dioxide from the blood.
What are skin, fur, feathers, scales and claws?
Name 3 different external structures that provide protection:
What is echolocation, roaring, making sounds to communicate with herds or packs?
Name one way animals use sound to respond to stimuli
What are gills?
What organ acts as lungs in fish?
What is that an inherited trait is passed down from parents at birth and an adaptation can be caused by the animals response to the environment?
What is the different between a inherited characteristic or trait versus an adaptation?
What is it becomes extinct?
What happens if a particular kind of plant or animal can no longer survive in an environment?
What is 2-fish, 3- amphibian and reptile, 4- bird and mammal?
Two chambers:____________
Three chambers:____________
Four chambers: _______________
What is survival?
What is the main reason for adaptation in an animal?
What is the brain receives signals and interprets them telling the body how to respond?
What part of the body is the main respondent of stimuli and how does it happen?
What is the cerebrum is the thinking part of the brain. It gets the information about an animal's environment. The cerebellum coordinates the animal's movement. The brain stem controls how many internal structures function?
What parts of the brain do animals mostly use and what do they do?
What is the rabbit and its fur, birds and feather color changes, bears and fur color changes, bird have webbed feet... etc
An animals external structures can adapt based on its environment, name an animal and its external adaptation.
What is herds/packs, hibernation, migration?
Name 3 things animals do to adapt to their surrounding for safety or survival:

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