Core values Get in my belly! Open play rules General camp Discipline
How many core values do we have?
Wristbands, roll sheet, member solutions.
What is one way you can find out if a camper needs hot lunch?
No. Things can get broken, kids can get hurt, is not respecting the facility.
Can kids take toys on the playground? Why or why not?
Main hours 9-3
Pre-camp 7-9
Post- camp 3-6
What are the camp hours?
Minor offenses- are considered to be disrespect to staff or other participants, inappropriate behavior on the bus, field trips, and at Bodies in Motion. Breaking general program rules.
What is considered a minor offense?
Always learning and knowing
What core value is this an example of?
Taking opportunity to go to professional development, asking a manager for feedback, and reaching out to other motioneers /coworkers when in an unfamiliar situation.
No, tell them it is a health code violation per the city. Sorry!
Can my kid put their lunch in your fridge?
No jumping, no standing, leave the cushions on, no staff should be sitting on them.
Rules about couches and go!...
By age
(3-5 red)
(6-8 green)
(9-up blue)
How are kids grouped?
What is a serious offense?Endangering another person’s well being, swearing, verbal, or physical abuse of staff or participants, stealing or destruction of property, general disregard for after school leaders/other children at Bodies in Motion, program and regulations. If we need to remove the student from the program immediately, the parent will be notified and asked to pick up their child within 1 hour.
What is a serious offense?
Parents and kids
Who are considered our guests in the core value commitment to guests?
pepperoni flatbread, cheese flatbread, and a "grilled cheese" (quesadilla)
What are the lunch choices?
Where can you find extra socks (reminder to take a filed trip because I didn't teach you this)
All kids sunscreened, shoes on, roll taken.
What is required for going outside?
Things that are done on purpose.
What is an incident report for?
What is the difficult but cool word we use when saying "work as a team"
pepperoni flatbread, cheese flatbread, and a "grilled cheese" (quesadilla) a fruit or veggie and a juice. refills until full.
What is included in a "hot lunch"
Yes and it is expected that you do!
Can motioneers go on the play structure?
What if the kids don't have sunscreen?We have extra to use but prefer to use theirs as much as possible
What if the kids don't have sunscreen?
Accidents, any bumps, bruising, if an ice pack is given you most likely need a report.
What is an accident report for?
Judges discretion
What is an example of unique and innovative other than the one I used yesterday?
Campers will clean up their own mess and trash before excused. Then staff for each group base clean the tables and sweep surrounding area. Point will do a final deep clean after lunch.
Who cleans up lunch tables?
Small red scooters, shopping carts, and costumes, ropes course stuff.
Name some items the kids cannot play with
Mainly roll sheet and member solutions
How can we find contact information for parents?
Make one for each child involved. Keep confidential the other student's names. Fold it closed and write child's name on front. Set at front counter. Parents will sign it in acknowledgment of the incident/ accident and we keep original copies can be made for the parent.
What is the procedure when a report is filled out?

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