Typhoon’s Characteristics Ruler or Role
What is Typhoon’s physical appearance?
He’s a tall monster with the torso of a human and legs as snakes. He had red eyes with his head having a 100 snake heads in it. His whole body was rugged and full of scars.
What is his personality?
He was cruel, mean, and a bully. Typhoon attacked and destroyed human villages and other gods just for fun. No matter what anyone did, they couldn’t earn his trust.
Typhoon had many battles, what his worst battle and what happened in the fight?
Typhoon battled with Kratos, Zeus, and Bia. His worst battle happened with Zeus and typhoon nearly won but Zeus ended up banishing him into the underworld.
Who was his family?
He was married to Echidna and she was half-woman half-serpent. They then had multiple children and some one them were Gorgen, chimera, Hydra, and Orthrus


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