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Lesson Format Acronym Phase I Miscellaneous
What is Phase III, the "You Do" Phase?
This phase asks students to perform a specific task.
What is identify the details that support the main idea?
The I in GIST stands for this.
What is the motivational mindset?
The Hook is another name for this step in Phase I.
What is understand the Three-Phase Teaching Model or utilize the GIST process in the teaching of understand?
Name an objective of today's lesson.
What is Phase I, the "I Do" Phase?
This phase has a five step plan.
What is test by creating a summary?
The T in GIST stands for this.
What is the metacognitive reflection?
This step is often forgotten but can be the most important step in Phase I.
What is true?
True or false: you can assess understanding using a formative assessment.
What is Phase II, the "We Do" Phase?
This phase guides the students by providing practice and assistance.
What is say it in your own words?
The S in GIST stands for this.
What is GIST?
Teaching a student to understand is easy when using what acronym.
What is completing a math problem on the board, celebrating the success of a science experiment, or winning the debate?
When teaching understanding in the classroom, name something you might see.

Understanding Review

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