Before Independence


Hey Colonists! Some words about the Colonies Founding Fathers Which Colony? British Policy, Colonial Reaction
What is the Boston Tea Party?
Colonists frustration with the passage of the Tea Act led to this event
What is a cash crop?
Crops raised in large quantities in order to be sold for profit
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
Primary author of the Declaration of Independence, Third President, Louisiana Purchase, Monticello
What is Virginia?
Tobacco, Captain John Smith, John Rolfe, Jamestown
What is the Stamp Act Congress?
Meeting of 9 of the 13 colonies intending to organize boycotts against the new act taxing paper products
What is the Stamp Act?
This was a tax on paper goods and documents
What is an indentured servant?
A person who signs a contract to work for a set number of years in exchange for ocean passage to the colonies
Who is Alexander Hamilton?
Founder of the Federalist Party, first Secretary of the Treasury, established the national bank, killed in a duel
What is Pennsylvania?
Quakers, William Penn, religious tolerance
What is the Boston Massacre?
A famous Paul Revere engraving depicts this event or snowballs and taunts that led to British Soldiers killing Crispus Attucks and four other colonists
What is the Quartering Act?
This act was so detested that it eventually became the subject for the Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights
What is subsistence farming?
Farming that generates only enough produce to feed the farmer's family, with little or nothing left over to sell
Who is Thomas Paine?
Author of the pamphlet "Common Sense" which urged colonists to declare their independence from Britain
What is Rhode Island?
Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, Providence
What is the Committee of Correspondence?
Wrote letters about grievances and circulated throughout colonies
What is the French and Indian War?
British Parliament passed the acts to raise revenue to pay debt related to what event
What is a maritime industry?
Businesses that earn money from the sea or boating
Who is Benjamin Franklin?
Signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, "Poor Richard's Almanack," ambassador, and inventor
What is Connecticut?
Thomas Hooker, Fundamental Orders, Hartford
What is the First Continental Congress?
Meeting in Philadelphia, the purpose was to ask the British to repeal all acts by Parliament, resulted in the first compact among the colonies to boycott British goods
What are the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act?
These two actions by the British Parliament were about land west of the Appalachian Mountains
What is a proprietary colony?
Colony given by the king to one or several owners in exchange for year payments
What is the Sons of Liberty?
Dressed as Mohawk Indians, this group dumped British tea in Boston harbor
What is South Carolina?
Pinckney, indigo, rice, Charlestown
What is Fort Ticonderoga?
Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, along with Benedict Arnold, captured this Fort and took its cannons back to Boston after the first shots of the American Revolution were fired
What is the Albany Plan of Union?
Benjamin Franklin’s failed attempt to create a colonial government for the purpose of defense during the French and Indian War.

US History Final Review: First Semester Part I

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