Ice, Ice Baby Caves - Part 1 Rolling Down the River - Part 1 What's the Breakdown?
What is a moraine?
Piles of debris left behind when a glacier melts.
What is a cavern?
A limestone formation that has become filled with various passageways and large caves.
What is a river?
A large stream that carries water from the mountains to the sea.
What is ice wedging?
The type of weathering that occurs when rainwater soaks into cracks in a rock and freezes, splitting the rock.
What is a striae?
Large deep grooves and scratches in rock produced by glaciers.
What is a stalagtite?
A large icicle-like mass of dripstone on the ceiling of a cave.
What is a floodplain?
The land that borders a river and is covered by river water in flood time.
What is exfoliation?
A type of weathering that involves the breaking or peeling away of rock into layers.
What is a drumlin?
A low hill formed when a glacier overruns a moraine.
What are soda straws?
Thin, hollow stalactite tubes.
What is a delta?
A fan-shaped deposit of sediments at the mouth of a river.
What is abrasion?
The eroding action of windblown sand.
What is cirque?
A huge bowl-shaped depression dug out by a valley glacier.
What is flowstone?
Sheets of calcium carbonate.
What is the Great Divide?
The western drainage divide of the Mississippi River Drainage Basin.
What is deflation?
The most important effect of wind erosion.
What are ice caps?
Ice sheets that are smaller than continental glaciers.
What is a helictite?
A curving formation that appears to defy gravity by not hanging straight down.
What is an alluvial fan?
A fan-shaped deposit of sediments at the mouth of a dry stream bed in the desert.
What is the aeolian process?
The process of wind erosion and transportation of loose particles like dust, silt, and sand.

Weathering and Erosion - Part 1

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