Chapter 6 Epilogue ¡Chicana Power! Ch 5
What is Tolteca Food Factory?
CASA and other influential groups helped organize workers in this factory in 1975.
What is the North American Free Trade Agreement?
This agreement coming into effect prompted the EZLN to go public.
YWCA recognized that their participants would be poor so they provided free or low-cost housing, provide travel scholarships and food all by providing a registration fee of $1.
Why did the Young Women Committed to Action obtain many sponsorships from Mexican-American businesses like beauty salons, a carnecería, a panadería?
What is Sin Fronteras?
Mora commonly wrote for this newspaper to combat important social issues.
What is Accion Zapatista?
This organization was founded in Austin, Texas and later expanded to the SF Bay Area and San Diego.
“Sex and the Chicana: Noun and Verb”
“Choices for Chicanas: Education and Occupation”
“Marriage: Chicana-Style” “Religion”
“Feminist Movement— Do We Have a Place in It?”
“Exploitation of Women— The Chicana Perspective”
“Women in Politics— Is Anyone There?”
“Militancy/ Conservatism: Which Way Is Forward?”
“De Colores y Clases: Class and Ethnic Differences”
What are two workshops hosted at La Conferencia De Mujeres Por La Raza?
What is "A Day in the Onion Field?"
This renowned poem was written by Mora and got the attention of Mexican writer Juan Jose Arreola.
What is women have a right to education?
This is the sixth Women's Revolutionary Law.
Regional differences
--Tejanos segregated communities versus California “more sophisticated” different lived experiences

Gendered movement discourses
--“Movimiento vs. feminism”: community, culture, and loyalty of Chicano movement were mobilized against the emergence of an independent Chicana political agenda

Organizational tactics
--A need for more resources like microphones and housing to accommodate the additional 450 unanticipated participants.

Concern of Anglo institutions (175)
--YWCA is an Anglo Institution, the Hot Dogs served was of Anglo cultures, and the white women’s presence within the conference was a concern.

Off tape Quijano shared with me that she’s not sure they ever really gave the Houston conference a chance.
Explain two causes of the walkout.
Who is President Carter?
Magdalena Mora was systematically opposed to this U.S. president due to his policies against farmworkers.
What is Estacion Libre?
In his book, Dr. Gomez said that Dr. Gonzalez was involved with this organization.
Who is La Malinche?
As a result of Chicana feminists challenging the patriarchy, they were compared to this figure.
What is Casa Mora?
This Theme Program is located in the residence halls of UC Berkeley and is named after Magdalena Mora.
What is gentrification?
This caused the closing of the Kilombo Community Center.
They wanted to confront the Catholic Church in order to change the institution from within.
What was one of the goals of Las Hermanas?

Week 11

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