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"Happy" New Year Georgia in Song Back in Black Works Like A Charm Food & Drink Brands
What is a Happy meal
From the mind of a McDonald's ad exec, this selection was first served up in 1979
What is Georgia on my Mind
"Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through, just an old sweet song, keeps" this 4-word title around
What is Marvel
A slump in comic book sales drove it into bankruptcy in 1996; since then its cinematic universe alone has raked in $10 billion
What is Lucy Charms
In 1975 Waldo the Wizard briefly replaced this cereal's leprechaun mascot in some mascots
What is Coca-Cola
From 1899 to 1920 the number of bottlers of this soda grew from 1 plant to more than 1,000
What are happy campers
Summertime counselors know who is & who isn't this, a phrase popularized in the 1980s
Who is John Mayer
This singer/guitarist gave us "Your Body Is A Wonderland" & "Why Georgia"
What is Apple
On the verge of going bust in 1997, it was saved by a $150 million investment by rival Microsoft
What is sweet and sour
Like a Chinese chicken dish, Charms candy pops come in this alliterative pair of contrasting flavors
What is Haagen-Dazs
Cherry vanilla & java chip are flavors from this ice cream brand with an umlaut in its name
What is Happy Feet
Tap-dancing is cool-- very cool-- in this 2006 Oscar winner
What is Alabama
Nice neighbor! This "stately" mega-group of country sang "Burn Georgia Burn"
What is American Airlines
It went from filing for bankruptcy in 2011 to merging with U.S. Airways & becoming the world's largest airline in 2014
What is Pokemon
In the "Sun and Moon" edition of this 20-year-old game from Japan, the shiny charm helps to catch the title critters
What is Wild Turkey
This liquor brand is also the name of Alabama's state game bird
What is many happy returns
This common 3-word wish literally means "I hope you have many more joyous such events"
What is The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Reba McEntire is among those who've sung about this title evening of murder injustice & power outage
What is Kodak
It took more than a "moment", but this Rochester, N.Y. company emerged from bankruptcy & still sells cameras
What is SIM card
The user's manual says the first step in assembling the Motorola CHARM for use is to insert this card
What is Banquet
The name of this brand of frozen foods sounds like a veritable feast because it is
What is a happy medium
A good balance, of the ghost-summoning Madame Arcati in "Blithe Spirit"
What is The Midnight Train to Georgia
In 1973 Gladys Knight & the Pips rode this title transportation to No. 1
What is AIG
U.S. taxpayers ponied up $180 billion to rescue this 3-letter insurance co., but got it all back, plus a profit
What is an app
In 2013 TechCrunch called Charm, a then-new one of these, "Tinder meets Vine"
What is Sapporo
Named for a city in Japan & first brewed in 1876, ti's the oldest beer brand in that country
a meme
In 1994 Wired magazine described this 4-letter word as an idea leaping "from mind to mind... as viruses leap from body to body"

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