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What is the University of Alabama
Breaking Herschel Walker's SEC rushing record helped Derrick Henry of this univ. win the 2015 Heisman trophy
Who is The Incredible Hulk
"Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" is a line from this "muscular" 1970s TV show
Who is Scrooge
In a 1970 film, Alec Guinness played Jacob Marley's ghost & Albert Finney played this man
What is Kodak
In 1986 this company was forced out of the instant camera market, having violated 7 Polaroid patents
Who is Casper
His theme song says he's "the friendliest ghost you know"
What is Rutgers
In 2015 this state U. of N.J. was down 7 & spiked the ball to stop the clock with 3 ticks left; problem was, it was already 4th down
Who is Wolverine
Hey bub, this X-Man had adamantium claws, rad muttonchops & probably preferred U. of Michigan teams
What is Miracle of 34th Street
Natalie Wood was just 8 years old when she played the little girl Susan in this Christmas classic
What are Corn Flakes
In 1957 the Leo Burnett advertising agency created Cornelius the Rooster to appear on the box of this cereal
Who is Yogi Bear
This smarter-than-the-average ursine debuted on "The Huckleberry Hound Show" in 1958
Who is Robert Griffin 3rd
In 2011 this man III ran & passed for nearly 5,000 yards for Baylor
Who is Elektra
Some critics decided mourning became Jennifer Garner when she played this title character in 2005
What is Holiday Inn
Bing Crosby introduced the song "White Christmas" not in the movie "White Christmas" but in this earlier film
What is Sirius
It precedes "XM" in the name of an entertainment company--ooh, I love this song! Turn it up!
Who is Bullwinkle
In a frequent bit, this resident of Frostbite Falls would say, "Hey Rocky. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat"
What is the University of Georgia
The SEC has 2 teams called the Bulldogs, Mississippi State & this school
Who is Thor
This hero used Dr. Donald Blake & Sigurd Jarlson as aliases & tips the scales at a thunder-god-like 6'6", 640 pounds
What is The Santa Clause 2
In this movie "2", Tim Allen has to find a Mrs., ASAP; says so in his contract
What is Hoover
In 1926 a "beater bar" was added to this company's product; it tapped the carpet to loosen ground-in dirt
Who are The Jetsons
The first episode of this cartoon series to be broadcast was "Rosie the Robot" on Sept. 23, 1962
Who is Steve Spurrier
This ol' ball coach at Florida & South Carolina said, "You know what FSU stands for... Free Shoes University"
Who is Sub-Mariner
This Marvel superhero is King of Atlantis
What is Christmas with the Kranks
In this movie, Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis consider skipping the holidays altogether & taking a cruise
What is Dutch Boy Pants
In 1907 9-year-old Michael Brady posed for this company's symbol wearing overalls, a cap & wooden shoes
Who is Captain Kangaroo
Adventures of "Tom Terrific" & his wonder dog Mighty Manfred first aired in 1957 on this Bob Keeshan series
What is G.I. Joe
In 1963 sculptor Phil Kraczkowski was paid $600 to design this Hasbro toy's original head

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