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What is Stratford-upon-Avon

*He hardly left England
Which town in England did Shakespeare grow up?
What is A Taming of the Shrew
Petruchio and Kate share the title Protagonist in what play

A. A Midnight Summer Dream
B. Othello
C. A Taming of the Shrew
Who is Anne Hathaway
Who was Shakespeare's wife?
What is B
*The Black Death is a plague that reached England in the 1300s. It started because fleas bit rodents and rodents then bit humans.
When Shakespeare was born, what catastrophic event was happening?

A. A natural disaster
B. The Black Death (plague)
C. A war
What is April 23, 1564
Shakespeare's birthday has the same date as his death day. What is that date?
Who is Romeo
One of Shakespeare's most popular plays includes "Romeo and Juliet". Sadly, both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide to be with each other. But who died first Romeo or Juliet?
Who is Hamnet
Shakespeare had a total of 3 children. Hamnet, Suzanna, and Judith. Dejectedly one of them passed away at the early age of 10. Who was it; Hamnet, Suzanna, or Judith?
What is C
*No one knows What Shakespeare's first play is.
Fill in the blank.
Shakespeare's First play was __________

A. Macbeth B. Henry VI C. No one knows
What is Stratford Grammer School or King Edward VI School.

Shakespeare has attended plenty of schools in his life. Name one of the schools. There are two possible answers.
What is the Hamlet (Act Three; Scene One)
"To be or not to be" is a famous quote from Williams Shakespeare. In which play can you find it in?
What is all of the above
Shakespeare's dad John was a what?

A. Vendor
B. Beer Taster
C. Farmer
D. All of the Above
What is A
*The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlain's Men, Shakespeare's playing company. The theater was then burnt down during the performance of Henry VIII in the year 1613. It was then rebuilt a year and was then closed to the public in 1642
In 1599 Shakespeare was associated in building the of the largest open aired theater called the.......

A. Global Theatre
B. The Fortune
C. Newington Butts

Williams Shakespeare

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