Communication Ability to stay on task asks for help hygene hodge podge
One time per day
How many times should I say god morning to a person
no, you should stay on the line or job until a scheduled break (lunch).
should you leave while your on the line for small little breaks?
No, be confident that you know how to do the job, your Supervisor will tell you at the end of the day or throughout the rotation how you are doing, know that they will intervene when they notice errors or mistakes you have made.
while at work you know how to do the task but after each step you ask am i doing this right? is this good
2 to 3 times (once after every meal) or after you wake up and before you go to bed.
how often should you brush your teeth per day
be happy, and accept that the job coaches are there to make you successful.
your job coach comes in and notices you are not doing the job the correct way you were trained on, the job coach corrects you how to do it, what should your attitude be

grateful or upset angry
Call Mrs. Landis and also my supervisor
You are calling in sick into work what do you need to do?
no it is not, you should continue to do work and enjoy the song, but continue to work
someone in the office is listening to your favorite song on the radio and you stop working to sing and dance is this a good thing
you should ask for help and explain that it looks different and just need some more explanation on how to do the task
at work you are working and your boss gives you a new task that is similar to a previous task, you are unsure what you need to do, what should you do?
change you clothes into clean ones.
you notice that your pants and shirt smell stinky while your still at home before going to work what should you do?
you should act like nothing is wrong, when your at work you need to leave what is going on at home at home.
you got into a hug fight with your parents and are upset, you are on the job site, how should you act
Find someone else that could answer the question, or go do a different task until your supervisor is able to help you
you need to talk to your supervisor but they are busy on the phone and indictated that it will be a long time till they are able to help what do you do?
you keep on working, your job is not to greet everyone, your job is to work on the tasks assigned to you.
you are working on a task that your supervisor gave you, but you keep noticing people coming in to the office, what should you do?
It means she will be done in one minute and will be right with you.
your boss is busy on the phone and you need help, she puts her finger up towards you what does this mean
politely say i am not sure, but i will go put some on right now
you come into class and one of the job coaches says "did you forget to put on deodarant?" what do you do?
thank the teacher, job coach or supervisor for pointing out the areas that need improvement and fix the things that need fixing your supervisor job coaches and teacher wants you to be successful
the teacher vistis you at the jobsite and sees numerous things that you are doing incorrectly (messy desk, not doing the task the correct way, etc) the teacher points out the areas that need to be improved how should you act
do i need to say hi to everyone that i see at work or in the classroom
No it is not, if it is OK with your supervisor you should use a song app like Spotify, Pandora that just does songs and not videos and just listen like its a radio,
your at the job site working, and you decide to use your phone to listen to music (which is OK with your supervisor) you open YouTube and find a song to listen to, after the song is over you spend 10 mins looking for the next song is this acceptable?
Go back to your task and continue to work, and check back again in 10 mins
your boss is busy on the phone, they see you but are not responding to your presence what should you do?
the bare minimum should be 1 time per day (in the morning or afternoon)
how often should you take a shower
you should come in to work, having a headache is not a reason not to show up to work. you only get 5 absences throughout the year, and should only call in sick if you have flu like symptoms.
you have called in sick 4 times each time you called in sick it was small things like a cold, or a headache, you have a small headache what should you do?
Wait till they are off the phone or talking and then wait till they ask me what i need
the person you are working with is busy on the phone/talking to another worker what do you do?
do not join in and continue to do your job.
while at the job site you notice that your co-workers are goofing off and not doing their jobs what should you do in the sitiuation?
the best thing to do would be to ask someone else for help, if there is no one on the job site that can help you call one of your job coaches.
see 400 ? first

your boss is still busy after waiting 10 mins, you really need help to work on the task what should you do?
shave or trim you beard
wash and scrub your hair
wash and scrub you body with soap and washcloth(or lofa)
dry off with a clean towel
put on deodorant
brush your teeth
put on clean clothes (socks underwear, shirt and pants)
how should you wash in the shower, and what should you do after you get out of the shower?
you should walk fast but not run to get out of the rain, its better to be wet then end up tripping and falling and having a injury. (dress appropriately for the weather or bring an umbrella or rain coat when needed.)
its raining out really hard you know the rule at Dow is not running but you hate being wet what should you do?

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