Dogs at Work Part 1 Dogs at Work Part 2 Sam's Surprise Part 1 Sam's Surprise Part 2 Vocabulary Words
To help people
What is the purpose of a working dog?
People with disabilities
What kind of people do service dogs help?
Digger is a mobility dog (service dog)
What kind of dog is Digger?
One of the boys was pitching and the other was batting
What were the two boys doing when Sam and Digger arrived at the park?
A police that trains and cares for police dogs
What is a handler?
Name 2 traits of a good working dog
Search and rescue dog
What kind of dog should help someone who is trapped in a fallen building?
Sam is in a wheelchair. He has a mobility dog
What kind of disability does Sam have? What kind of dog does he have?
Sam told Digger to get the ball for him. Sam took the ball and threw it back to the the boys.
What did Sam tell Digger do when the ball got close to them? What did Sam do?
To save from danger
What does the word rescue mean?
-have good doggie manners
-obey right away
-behave well
What are 2 good behaviors a working dog should have?
guide dog
What kind of dog should help someone who is blind?
Dad called, and Digger got the phone for Sam. Sam is in a wheelchair and can't get the phone by himself.
Who called? Why couldn't Sam get the phone? Who got the phone for Sam?
Dad got Sam a new baseball bat. This summer, Dad wanted to teach Sam how to bat.
What surprise did Dad have for Sam? Why did he get him that surprise?
To hold or tie tightly and firmly
What does the word fast mean?
-help catch the suspect quickly
-search for someone that is lost
-sniff out hidden or stolen things
- becomes the police's partner and friend
Name 3 ways a police dog helps the police.
-mobility dog
-hearing dog
-guide dog
Name 3 different types of service dogs.
Sam wanted to go to the park. He brought his cap, baseball glove, and Digger's leash. Digger went with him.
Where did Sam want to go? What did he bring with him? Who went with him?
Sam showed Dad that he learned how to bat already. Sam learned how to bat a pitched ball in the park from Mike and Troy.
What surprise did Sam have for Dad? Where did Sam learn how to bat? Who taught him?
To go after and bring back
What does the word fetch mean?
-good sniffers
Name 3 traits of a good police dog (not working dog)
-adopt the dog
-treat the dog like a pet
-spend time with the dog
-take the dog for walks
-play with the dog
What should an owner do with a dog that has stopped working? (name 3 things)
He used to play T-ball. He thinks he is too old for that. In baseball, there is no tee. The batter hits the ball that the pitcher throws..
What did Sam used to play? Why doesn't he want to play it anymore? How is it different from baseball?
The pitcher throws the ball to the batter
The batter hits the ball the pitcher throws
The fielder catches the ball that the batter hits
What is a pitcher? What is a batter? What is a fielder?
To walk or run while jumping
What does the word bounded mean?

Working Dogs Review

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