Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit America's Debt to the Indian Nations The People and the Land are Inseparable On Photography
What is beauty/ What are appearances
It is regarded as silly and hurtful to think about others in terms of this.
What is greed
Something that affects American Indians worse than racism.
What is Old Pasqua
The name for the Yaquis village in Tuscon.
Who is Professor Konomi Ara
The name of Silko’s Japanese Translator.
Who are Christian Missionaries
The reason sexual inhibition, restrictive gender roles, and static views of identities made it into the Laguna culture.
What is a sovereign nation
This is the term for a nation that has the power of self-governing.
What is to make others feel less alone
The reason why Laguna people reciprocate with their own stories in conversation.
Who is Geronimo
This indigenous man was captured at Skeleton Canyon
What are courage and sexuality.
These are the sources of Yellow Woman's Power
What are treaties where a tribe agrees to give up some land in exchange for
protection of traditional fishing and hunting practices
These agreements were often ignored by the Us Government
What is to be "a people" or part of a village
This is the dimension of human identity that anthropologists understand the least.
What is the abduction, murder and burial of a woman or child in the desert.
Silko’s most memorable roll of film depicts this.
What are physical differences.
These were seen as signs of the Mother Creator's grace.
What is the occupation and siege at Wounded Knee
One result of this 1973 atrocity was that Americans were forced to acknowledge the
ugly side of American history regarding the treatment of American Indians.
What is someone passed on and there was a funeral
This is why everyone in the village opened their doors at the same time and walked to the same house.
What are informal portraits depicting elders in everyday life
These portraits were Silko’s Father’s favorites to take of the Laguna-Acoma people.
What are Tse’itsi’nako, Thought Woman and Spider
These are the three names for the Mother Creator.
What is the Civil Rights Report titled: “Indian Tribes: A Continuing Quest For Survival”
This report written in 1982 by American Indian lawyers and legal specialists informed of the history of Indian Tribes and their exploitation by the U.S legal system.
What is WW II/ the Yaquis genocide
This tragedy forced the United States to recognize the Yaquis as “American Indians”.
What are the picture of Geronimo dressed in western clothes driving a Cadillac, and the picture of boys at the “Indian school” in western clothes clenching their fists.
Silko references these two images as depictions of Indigenous resistance.

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